Thursday, December 10, 2015

Weh Island

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Aceh Government through the Department of Culture and Tourism made Weh Island as a destination for tourism in the north western tip of Indonesia's provinces.

"We make Pulau Weh as a major tourism destination in Aceh in addition to already known in the world, Pulau Weh promising potential," said Head of Culture and Tourism Aceh, Reza Fahlevi in Banda Aceh, Monday (08/06/2015).

Pulau Weh better known as Sabang. This island is the administrative area of the City of Sabang, Aceh Province.

Besides many have known tourism destination, Pulau Weh a distance of about 18 nautical miles from the mainland of Sumatra Island, entered into a free trade area and the port of Sabang.
Reza opinion, as a major destination in order to Pulau Weh become a tourism gateway Aceh, as well as supporting tourism in 23 districts / cities in Aceh province.

"From Pulau Weh, tourists can continue pelancongannya to many other tourist destinations in the province. And this will benefit the tourists because they can see the diversity of tourism in this province," he said.

In addition, continued Reza, the aim of making Weh Island as the main destination of tourism Aceh as a commitment to make Sabang Aceh government as a regional flagship national tourist destination.

To make Pulau Weh Aceh's major tourist destinations, according to Reza, it strengthens the existing infrastructure and to build tourism information Aceh so that tourists know other tourist destinations in the province.




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