Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kuala Paret Aceh Tamiang

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Some time past, Kuala Paret was crowded discussed in cyberspace. His photographs were scattered in social media. Many people did not expect, that in Aceh Tamiang there is this beautiful tourist sites. In fact, people around Tamiang Hulu also many who do not know. The proof, as I ask the locals. Most of them had only heard his name, but do not know exactly where this tourist location.

From the name it seems less attractive. But do not be fooled. This place actually presents a charming natural charm. Kuala Paret is a seungai basin water flowed swift and beautiful. One appeal of this attraction rather kehijuan water colored and clear. Very beautiful. Moreover, if we look at it from a hilltop. Looks flow of clear water is like a pearl necklace that go unpunished. Snaking between palm oil plantations.

The village is located in Kuala Paret Kaloi, Tamiang Hulu. The location is still in the plantation area of PT. Amps. The road to here it takes struggle. Because it is very far from downtown kuala intersection, which is about three hours away. If we've got to Pulau Tiga, bring enough stock. Because after hard pressed to find a stall. Especially when it entered the area of oil palm plantations. The place is almost deserted.

After entering the village Kaloi, struggle increasingly challenging. Because here, the road conditions are rocky with a width of only about two meters. For those adventurous souls such a thing is certainly very challenging. Moreover, road conditions up and down the hills that feels endless. But here is interesting, because when we got to the top of the hill, we could see the forests and plantations are very extensive.
But be careful, because a lot of the intersection along the way. It's good, we asked first to people who already know. Or follow another group who want to Kuala Paret. I was alone at the time, until the lost twice because one taking roads. After a journey full of twists, eventually we will arrive in Kuala Paret.

From above, the roar of rushing water sound Kuala Paret. Because the position is at the bottom of the cliff. Then we have to go down the cliff, clutching tree roots. Really an adventure. Oh yes, to come in here we only need to pay Rp. 5000 for the parking fee. A fair price for this interesting place.

Kuala Paret we could see large rocks which split into streams. In rock crevices that beautiful colored river water is flowing. But be careful, do not try to bathe in the stream because it is very dangerous. The currents are very swift can be fatal.

But not to worry, we can still bathe in banks with a current that is not too heavy. The water here is very cool and fresh. I myself repeatedly sipped water for thirst as a result of this river did not bring enough stock.

This place was not crowded with people. Perhaps because the place is very far and the road is very challenging. Nature here is very natural. High cliffs that enclose the flow of the river, while on the other side is a clump of unspoiled forest.

The air here is also very cool. Really a tourist location that is appropriate for anyone who wants relaxation. Yes, visit to Aceh Tamiang. Explore the course challenging, and enjoy the charm of the heavy and beautiful rivers in the interior Tamiang Hulu.

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