Saturday, September 12, 2015

Come Into Museum

Saturday, September 12, 2015
Museum is a time tunnel. All forms of civilization is recorded on the track it. If we want to know the civilization of a country, look at the museum. However, in Aceh, possibly also in other areas of this archipelago there are many people who love the museum. When treading this area, what comes to mind is a shabby texts, tables and chairs were worn, and a variety of other antiques. If only for just sweeping views, would be quickly exhausted, especially if the interior of the room is less appealing. However, if we want to explore different forms of civilization, would have a lot of knowledge in it.

Actually, museum Aceh has a long history. Rumoh Aceh which is currently on display at the stand is sturdy and there are already 100 years old. Rumoh Aceh brought the Dutch to follow the greatest colonial exhibition in Semarang in 1914. Stand Aceh featuring Rumoh Aceh and the various items of historical value other things in it, managed to become the best Stand in the international exhibition.

Dutch nation should be proud of the award, but in fact, we have to be proud of our own "Endatu" culture.

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