Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Iboih (Teupin Layeu)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The beach area near Pulau Rubiah has become known as Iboih. Teupin Layeu is a more exact name. Here we use Iboih. This area has more of a backpacker and family feeling than Gapang. Besides diving, snorkeling, swimming and relaxing the area is also nice for walks, either north to the next beach and Km 0 or south along the path to Ujung Patek and Lhok Weing.

The island Rubiah just outside is worth a visit. There are even a few bungalows on the southern end. It is possible to swim over, but only if you are a good swimmer. Use fins and remember that the current in between can be very strong. Don’t do it alone. Otherwise, go by boat. Boat trips are arranged by a boat owner community group. They have a shop at the parking lot "Loket Boat". There are also glass bottom boats available.

KLKP View information at the parking lot is owned by a tourism community group. They arrange boat trips, motorbikes, bicycles, snorkeling equipment etc. Internet is available next to the dive shop, Rp. 8.000/hr. However, many establishments now offer free Wi-Fi. Ph: +6285260904101 (Mr. M. Nasir Is).

Several restaurants and coffee shops can be found at the fishermen's beach and parking area are overlooking the beach. They serve mainly Indonesian food. Beyond the gate to the bungalow area are also several restaurants, serving Western inspired food, such as Dolphin, Mama, and Dee Dee’s. Most accommodations have their own restaurants, such as Olala, O'Ong, Yulia's and Iboih Inn.

Bungalows in Iboih have improved their standard over the last few years. Inexpensive bungalows are still there, but there are now more bungalows with private bathroom, even with aircon. Prices fluctuate very much with the length of your stay. The prices below are just indications. There are also a few bungalows on Pulau Rubiah.

1. Yulia's Bungalow & Restaurant
Ph: +6285270706003, +6285260850400. 14 bungalows. With outside bathroom: Rp. 50-60.000. With fan, bathroom: Rp. 175-200.000. Depending on length of stay. No advance booking. Nice layout.

2. Iboih Inn & Restaurant
Ph: +62811841570, +628126991659 (Ms. Saliza). Fb: iboih.inn@gmail.com 16 bungalows. Budget room, fan: Rp. 100.000. With fan, bathroom: Rp. 250.000. With aircon, bathroom: Rp. 350.000, All rooms except budget: incl. breakfast. Pick up at Iboih pier if booked in advance. Visa and MasterCard accepted. Free Wi-Fi. Boat transportation and trips etc.

3. O'Ong Restaurant & Bungalows
Ph: +6281360700150. 10 rooms. No Private bathroom: Rp. 40-50.000. With bathroom: Rp. 130.000-150.000, depending on length of stay.

4. Olala Restaurant & Bungalow (Moved further in to new buildings)
Ph: +6285260607311. eka_olala@hotmail.co.uk 6 bungalows. With fan, outside bathroom: Rp. 80-90.000. Big discounts for long stay. Wi-Fi.

5. Mama Mia Restaurant & Bungalows
1 bungalow. Rp. 50.000 depending on length of stay.

6. Fatimah Bungalows
A couple of new bungalows available.

7. Iboih Hill Bungalow
Ph: +6285260904101. 6 bungalows. With fan and outside bathroom: Rp. 70.000. Ask in the "Rentals and Info" shop.

8. The seven bungalows
After the diving school are all individually owned by locals. Very basic and no private bathroom. If nobody approaches you, ask for Mr. Nasir.

9. Rubiah Tirta Divers
1 bungalow with bathroom and spring bed. Rp. 100-150.000 depending on length of stay.

10. Home High (former Arina)
Ph: 082160180620. Their 4 bungalows are falling apart. Only restaurant now.

11. Ayub's
2 rooms and 1 bathroom in one bungalow. Rp. 150.000/room. Discounts for long stay. Ask for Mr. Ayub at the parking area or ask in Erick's next door.

12. Erick's Green House
Ph: +6282167899876. 5 rooms. Some with attached bathroom and all with kitchenette. Rp. 60-150.000. Discounts for long stay. Wi-Fi.

13. Fina Bungalow
Ph: +6285262111366. Just before the gate. 6 rooms. With fan, bathroom: Rp. 150 -200.000. Aircon, bathroom: Rp. 250-300.000. Price depending on season.

14. Cut Agam Guest House & Coffee Shop
First place when coming down to Iboih. Ph: +6281360811780. 4 rooms, fan, outside bathroom: Rp. 150-200.000.

15. Pulau Rubiah
Ph: +6285260637810 (Pak Yahya). 5 rooms in 3 bungalows: Rp. 100.000 per room. 1 big 2-room bungalow with bathroom and kitchen: Rp. 250.000. Restaurant available. Can only be reached by boat. Ask at the parking lot. If Mr. Yahya picks up: Rp. 100.000 return fare.

16. Pele's Ujung Patek Bungalows
At the Petek point 500 meter south of Iboih, turn sharply to the right when in front of Cut Agam Guesthouse. Ph: +6285260958990 (Adun), +6285253702209 (Wani), doktorkalkyl@gmail.com 2 Bungalows. With fan and bathroom: Rp. 250.000. Remote and tranquil.


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