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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Traditional dancer from P. Balai village. Foto by Bazandbev@yahoo.comThe first Turtle Festival (Festival Penyu) took place in June 2010. It became much bigger and more successful than we could have imagined. Everyone take for granted that the Turtle Festival from now on is a yearly tradition. We have been busy planning for TURTLE FESTIVAL 2011 (FESTIVAL PENYU 2011). However, The Regent (Bupati) has forced us to postpone it one year. We are not happy about that, but we have no choice.Popular artists from Jakarta: Norman Kondang In and Maya Kdi.

It will be TURTLE FESTIVAL 2012 (FESTIVAL PENYU 2012) instead. It will also last for a week, but with an even more amazing program. We learnt a lot of the first Festival and the second will have more activities, better prizes, more artists, including foreign, more traditional dancing, more education. It will take place in June 2012. We probably do a small local event in June 2011.

The TURTLE FESTIVAL 2012 is about local culture, awareness of environment and the turtle conservation, and of course to have fun. It is a non-profit event. Money left over will go to social and environmental programs.

Take the opportunity to see and support something very special. Together we can make this fabulous archipelago the best eco-tourism destination in Indonesia. The Festival is arranged by the people of Pulau Banyak and supported by the Aceh Singkil government, the Governor of Aceh, and Ministries in Jakarta. Even though all are enthusiastic, we will have a tough job to get enough sponsors. One way will be to tour Medan and Jakarta with a children Turtle Opera.


Our Turtle Ambassador Mr. Deddy Mizwar is very popular all over Indonesia.For as long as one week, which will not be forgotten, visitors and TV-watchers will witness many unique and funny events, together with famous artists and important national community leaders, such as our Turtle Ambassadors; Deddy Mizwar. Mr. Deddy Mizwar is the most prominent Indonesian actor, director and producer.

  • Opening ceremony by a prominent national leader.
  • Well known artists will perform during the festival week. We plan for both pop and dangdut and we plan also for an international artist.
  • Traditional dancing from all the villages in Pulau Banyak and from neighboring places, like Simeulue and Singkil.
  • A Blogspot competition, open for everyone. Visit
  • Fishing competitions, booth "Mancing (Fishing) Mania" and traditional fishing.
  • A turtle opera by children and story telling for children by a professional story teller.
  • Competitions in poetry, speeches about environment, environmental essays, etc.
  • Competitions between schools and villages in cleanliness.
  • Competitions in traditional games.
  • Swimming, free diving, and other sports events.
  • Paddling traditional canoe, kayaking, and other competitions.
  • Mini exhibition with photos from all over Pulau Banyak and information from different community groups.
  • Many activities available for you; try kayaking, picnic to neighboring islands, round trips and eating the freshest and best BBQ fish you can get.
  • The program is not yet finalized. This page will be up-dated with changes and additions.

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