Thursday, October 13, 2011

Welcome to Simeulue

Thursday, October 13, 2011
Welcome to Simeulue…

Click to enlarge"Simeulue Ate Fulawan", or in Indonesian "Simeulue Berhati Emas",
describes the openness and friendliness towards visitors in Simeulue. It means "Simeulue With a Heart of Gold".

Simeulue has a lot to offer; beaches, islands, caves, forest, wild life, surfing, diving and even two lakes and a waterfall. There are traditions and culture; performances such as Debus, Nandong and Nanga-nanga.

Click to enlargeSimeulue Regency consists of many islands. Besides the big Simeulue (100 km long) there are many more smaller beautiful islands with inviting beaches and great waves for surfing. Simeulue has a great tourism potential. Besides all the attractions, it is also easy to go there.

This Simeulue section is under development and much more information will soon follow together with up-dates of maps and many more photos.

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yobbie said...

Interesting posted, as a people from this island I hope you can post more specific information about Simeulue. There are many place and local tradition of Simeulue that can be promote. Whatever, thank you...I like your blog..

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