Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shopping in Aceh

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shopping in Aceh does not present the typical shopping frenzy. Simply put, what you can expect is everyday fare, from fresh organic farm produce and the catch of the day to regular groceries and general products. Like any other destination, it does have its share of shops and markets trading what is required for comfortable existence in a small city.
For generations, Aceh has been home to a small-scale, handicraft industries (largely dominated by women) for the production of handbags, embroidered clothes, pastries and specially crafted jewellery for events like weddings.

Explore the city as you go shopping in Aceh. Get the best deals, learn about the best places to shop in Aceh, stop for some finger food, or relax in one of the Aceh Restaurants along the city's shopping streets.

Aceh handicrafts wave many varieties of embroidered bags, cloths, purses and sandals in different, lively colors, sizes and designs. They are very unique and functional. The door of Aceh (Pintu Aceh) is a famous symbol; you can get a fake gold brooch as a wonderful gift for your friends. You can also find other wonderful handicrafts such as key chains, pencil cases and so on.

For all coffee lovers, don't leave Aceh without a package of strong Takengon Coffee. Popular coffee shops (warung kopi) in Ulee Kareng and Beurawe areas of Banda Aceh sell packages of their freshly ground coffee wrapped in attractive packaging.

Pusaka Souvenir
Jl. Sri Ratu Safiatuddin No. 78 Peunayong, Banda Aceh
Tel: +62 (0651) 741 1510

Pasar Aceh
Located at the back of Baiturrahman Grand Mosque.

Aceh Putra
Jl. Merduati No. 27 Banda Aceh

Rencong Aceh
Jl. Mohd. Jam No. 1-E Banda Aceh
Tel: +62 (0) 852 6010 1687

LabSeni Garish
Jl. Madya Swayasa No. 7 Jeulingke, Banda Aceh

Nyakni Usaha Souvenir
Jl. Singgah Mata 10 Blower, Banda Aceh
Tel: +62 (0651) 48474

Lhoong Raya Souvenir
Jl. Malikul Saleh No. 56 Neusu
Tel: +62 (0651) 21357

Jl. Pusat Perbelanjaan Pasar Aceh

Bungong Ban Keumang
Jl. Merduati No. 27 Banda Aceh

Anita Souvenir
Jl. Pusat Perbelanjaan

Pasar Aceh
Jl. Diponegoro Banda Aceh

Bungong Jaroe
Jl. Cut Nyak Dhien Banda Aceh

Cahaya Pase
Jl. Tgk. Pulo Dibaroh No. 5

Coffee Shop Jasa Ayah Solong
Jl. T. Iskandar Ulee Kareng

Coffee Shop Beurawe
Jl. T. Iskandar Beurawe


The Great Mbah Dukun said...

semoga perekonomian NAD makin maju terus...

awe said...

Terimakasih, atas kunjungan dan komentnya, berkunjung juga ke Aceh, salam :D

souvenir tasbih cantik said...

wah... jadi pengen kesana, semoga aceh semakin jaya

AbduGreen said...

wah..... keren sob.... nice info....

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