Thursday, October 13, 2011


Thursday, October 13, 2011
If you want to see something before tourism develops and if you are adventurous and used to primitive conditions, then Pulo Aceh is the perfect place. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! It is close to Pulau Weh, but still so different. It doesn’t have the diving and snorkeling Pulau Weh has, but the beaches are breathtaking. Lots of forest is still standing and the scenery is very beautiful. The economy is based on fishing and agriculture. The locals are poor, however very friendly and social. Only Pulo Breuh and Pulo Nasi are habited, a total of app. 10.000, app. 5.000 on each of those two islands.

Pulo Breuh Pulo Keureusik Pulo Nasi Pulo Batee Pulo Bunta Pulo Breuh Pulo Nasi Pulo Keureusik

For snorkeling bring your own gear. Diving can be arranged from Pulau Weh. Surfers sometimes find their ways to Pulo Aceh. There are no surfboards available to rent.

Click to enlargeThe year can roughly be divided into two weather seasons, the western season app. during the second half of the year and the eastern season app. during the first half of the year. The transition periods are always the worst. In the western season the wind come from the west, making big waves and narrows the western beaches. The eastern beaches are this time of the year better. During the eastern season the western beaches are best.

The geographical position of Pulo Aceh at the tip of Sumatra results in some peculiarities. The straits between the islands are narrow and the currents can be very strong. Worst is between Pulo Bunta and Pulo Batee. One has to be careful in the straits, but otherwise there are no big problems.

When people in the old days sailed to Pulo Nasi, the trip was short enough to bring boiled rice, or "Nasi" in Acehnese. If they sailed to Pulo Breuh they had to bring raw rice, "Breuh" in Acehnese. That is the explanation to the names of these two islands.


Click to enlargeSo far there is no formal accommodation (except on Pulo Batee) and no restaurants, but most locals are more than happy to help you out. Another alternative is to camp directly on a beach. If you feel insecure, just ask the village head "Kepala Desa" and he will for sure arrange something. Don't expect spring beds and water closets and bring sun lotion and malaria pills. Ask someone to cook for you. The fish is always good. After your stay, leave some money for house and board in a hand shake.


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