Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Makam Malahayati (grave site)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The second of the three historic sites on the Malahayati road. It is the grave of a famous woman admiral. On a plaque at the site it says:
“Keumala Hayati was a woman who commanded the Royal Acehnese Navy. She was also the chief of Royal Secret Intelligence Department and the Royal Protocol in the reigns of Sultan Saidil Mukamil Alauddin Riayat Syah (1588-1604 A.D.). As a navy admiral she united many widows to be a navy to attack the Portuguese and Dutch navies. The widows built a fortress called Inong Balee Fortress, which meant 'The Fortress of the Widows'.”

On the website mentioned below (in Indonesian) it is explained more fully that in 1599 Keumala Hayati captured the captains of the Dutch vessels De Leeuw and De Leeuwin, the brothers Cornelis and Frederick de Houtman. They would have reneged on a promise to assist the Acehnese in their war with Johore by transporting troops on the Dutch ships. (Our Dutch history book suggests that the squirmish may have been cause by rude behaviour of Cornelis de Houtman, who lost his life by it; and that his brother Frederick spent two years in Acehnese captivity.) The website also tells that Malahayati received an emissary of Queen Elizabeth I, Sir James Lancaster, in 1602; and that later Sultans established a palace guard consisting of beautiful women.

The Indonesian historian Deni Sutrisna also comments that the important role women played in the defense and the politics of the sultanate is fully in line with muslim teaching (hadist). He mentions 15 names of famous Acehnese women, among them six who reigned as Ratu.

Address: Lamreh village, Kecamatan Mesjid Raya, Kabupaten Aceh Besar

Directions: About 32 km east of town. With public transport, take a labi-labi (minibus) to Krueng Raya. With own transport, follow Daud Beureuh street northeast out of town. When facing a T-crossing at a river bank turn left direction Malahayati harbour. At reaching this harbour, turn into the inland road facing the harbour entrance and you soon reach the grave on a small hill.


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Whether in Aceh also has many graves of ulama-ulama besar??

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That's why Aceh is called as "Serambi Makkah".

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wah dulu admiral Malahayati pendidikan Akmil Lautnya dimana ya gan? bener2 hebat

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