Friday, October 28, 2011

Lhok Mata-Ie bay

Friday, October 28, 2011
Taking our cue from a tip by VT-er Rinjani, we set out to find Lhok Mata-Ie. This is a bay on the peninsula west from Banda-Aceh, part of Peukan Bada district. As we found out the greater part of the district consists of relatively unspoiled rain-forest.
The owner of our rental car told us to go direction Ujong Pancu. Almost at the end of the road we spotted the Ujong Pancu Information Center (UPIC). This turned out to be an activity of local youth (Remaja Pecinta Alam Indra Purwa, short REPALA INPRA) to promote nature tourism in the area, under supervision of a local NGO, the Lamjabat Foundation.

We made an appointment for a day trip hiking to Lhok Mata-Ie bay. This proved to be an easy walk of less than an hour. The trail is easily found without a guide, provided someone wants to point you to where it starts - across a fenced field. On a weekday, when it is deserted, the bay should be ideal for a private picnic and some snorkeling. As we came on a Sunday, many locals made the short walk with us, both male and female. When some of the latter decided to take a dip into the sea fully dressed, the men discreetly left the water. But when Helen wanted to change into her modest western swimsuit, our guide prevented her from doing so citing local custom. So, if you are a woman and want to go swimming here, avoid the holidays or bring 'muslim' swimming apparel (i.e. long sleeves and trousers) .

Near the end of the trail there is a clean water source. And close to the beach one can climb into a small cave.

The fee for two guides was Rp 200,000 (January 2011); guide only, bring your own food and snorkeling gear.

See also our next tip: Ujong Pancu Nature Tourism.

Address: Jalan Hamzah Fansuri, Ujong Pancu, Gampung Lampageu, Peukan Bada district.

Directions: From town take Jalan Iskandar Muda to Ulee Lheue and turn left (south) at the mosque. Pass the Banda Water Boom and after one km turn right (west) into the Jembatan Lamteh road. This reconstructed road through wetlands with replanted mangroves leads to Gampung Lampageu and beyond it to Ujong Pancu. Distance from town 12 km.

Phone (mobile): 08126992692 (UPIC), 081377444983 (Nazar), 085260319930 (M. Syukri)


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