Monday, October 31, 2011

Escape Buildings

Monday, October 31, 2011
On the hard hit coastal plain near Ulee Lheue, also referred to as “tsunami ground zero”, at least four Escape Buildings have been built. These are essentially strong multi-storey buildings with easy access through ramps and stairs. In case of a tsunami threat people living in the neighbourhood can seek safety on one of the higher floors. For that purpose two of these floors contain a kitchen and sanitary facilities.

Three buildings are almost identical, and donated by Japan. Our pictures are from Deah Teungoh Escape Building.
The fourth one is combined with the so-called Tsunami & Disaster Mitigation Research Centre (next tip).

In the absence of an emergency the buildings stand empty, anyone can walk in and out. A few lazy locals seemed to be on guard, but just waved us in. We noticed that the tube lamps on the ground floor were missing, and asked whether they had been stolen. 'Oh no, we use the ground floor to play volleyball. We took the lamps out because they may be hit by a ball and broken.' So that may explain the designation of the buildings as Community Building.

We walked up to the helicopter landing floor to enjoy a grand view of Banda Aceh in all directions.

Addresses and directions:

Deah Teungoh Escape Building, Jalan Lampaseh Kota - Ulee Lheue. As the streetname says, from city centre follow Diponegoro street through Lampaseh Kota. See the building on your right.

Deah Baro Escape Building, Jalan Lampaseh Kota - Ulee Lheue. An estimated half km past Deah Teungoh EB, on your left.

Lambung Escape Building, Jalan Iskandar Muda - Ulee Lheue. A few hundred metres before the eastern end of Iskandar Muda street, on your right when coming from the city.


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