Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aceh Noddles (Mie Aceh)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mie Aceh origin is guaranteed to make full and bathed in sweat. Not only the portions large but full of spice seasoning blend will facilitate blood flow. Bribed with pickled cucumber, well it's just more tasty!

Mie Aceh is red-brown and very tempting. Especially if it is to smell the fragrant spices and chilies stimulate. Mie used is kind of wet Hokkien noodles, a thick, chewy like a stick. These noodles combined with a complete seasoning.

Regarding the contents can be selected according to taste, if you like seafood can choose crab, or chicken and meat. Oil can also be selected with boiled noodles and sauce aka fried noodles. The boiled noodles were thick reddish sauce with crab meat stuffing, chicken or beef at your option.

Do not be surprised if the portion of noodles which are presented fairly large. Moreover, that would be served crab noodles complete with claws and shell. To eat the noodles are usually provided chips plus fried pickled cucumber, red onion and fresh green chillies. Get ready to sweat because of the pungent spice punch plus the adorable cayenne pepper.


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