Saturday, October 15, 2011

Aceh Development International Conference 2012

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Event Aceh Development International Conference (ADIC) 2012
Begins March 26, 2012

Ends March 28, 2012

Papers November 30, 2011

Ab. ADIC 2012
Country Malaysia

State Kuala Lumpur

City Kuala Lumpur

As a continuation of the successfully ADIC2010 and ADIC2011, the same conference will again be held in the year 2012. International conference on the development of Aceh is now proposed as the annual conference annual event, initiated by Acehnese student and scholar in Malaysia. Referring to the issue, Tanoeh Rincoeng Acehnese Student Association (TARSA) and International Association of Acehnese Scholars (IAAS) initiate an International scope conference for sharing ideas, knowledge and insight for the current and future developing program of Aceh. The purpose and main objective of ADIC2012 are to gather all information, views, thoughts, and results of investigation from all academic disciplines around the globe to give a significant contribution for Aceh development in the future. This conference is also a forum for scholars contributing to the advancement and acceleration of sustainable development Aceh. The conference will be hold also in conjunction with the first meeting of International Association of Acehnese Scholars (IAAS) and Workshop on Civil Society and NGO's working in Aceh.

Topic and Related Issues

All can share their ideas and contributes according to each expertise. The outcomes of conference will be gathered and published for community information. The related issues for highlighting in this conference i.e.:

Concept of development based on Islamic learning

Planning on cities and rural areas

Development of education, language, culture and custom, art, history, law, justice, politics and human rights

Design on public facilities and transportation system

Planning on housing, offices and community services

Development of management system and international relationship

Development of infrastructure, telecommunication and advance technology, agriculture and food technology

Poultries and veterinaries, tsunami, earthquake, disaster mitigation, fisheries, aquaculture, offshore and onshore

Tourism and promotion

Computerize and information technology, environmental, industries and automotive engineering, economic, banking and related, women, family and kids, healthy and related.


Objectives To facilitate the parties who interest for conducting an investigation on Aceh development program post tsunami. To provide a good opportunity for gathering and sharing of experiences amongst the scientists, technologies, academics and other professionals in related fields as well as policymakers interested in addressing issues related to the theme of the Conference.

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bangpren said...

semoga dalam ADIC bisa melahirkan kebijakan atau terobosan yang bermamfaat dalam pembangunan aceh ke depan,,

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